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Breaking Free of the shackles...

How do you tame an elephant?

A baby elephant is placed on a chain that is staked to the ground. The chain is substantial, and although baby elephants are not small by any means, they’re also not quite mammoth enough to pull a big chain from the ground.


So, every time the baby elephant tries to roam, or wander, or  break  free from its restraints, it can’t. It’s stuck. And after enough times of trying and trying and getting nowhere, eventually the little trooper gives up and realizes he’s beat. That chain ain’t lettin’ him get anywhere. So he stops trying.


Fair enough. Seems like a logical conclusion. But here’s the kicker: When that little pachyderm grows up into a big, hulking, people-crushing adult, it still thinks the chain is stronger than it is.


One of the MANY training opportunities is the Platinum Helpline. On these "Lunch and Learn" Conference calls, six and seven figure earners share wisdom about the industry, in general, and our company specifically. These "Transformation Calls" are priceless!!  (Hint: Transition does not equal Transformation)


The above recording, of one of those calls, is of the benevolent PSVP Thomas Felder, the leader of the call, sharing a little info about himself and then the business in general. Being on a team, with leaders that have had such success in a short amount of time, know 100% of how to succeed in business, AND are willing to take the time to teach what they know is a blessing beyond measure. The fun we have, while we do it, is par-excellance!!     



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